Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Count Down to Thanksgiving...

The kids are enjoying the day playing with their cousins. Max and Jack have disappeared somewhere...Abby and Molly are sitting on the neighbor's front steps talking girl talk (too cute) and all the babies are in bed...not exactly sleeping but in bed nonetheless. Waiting for Shea to get back...we've been prepping food for tomorrow. Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nope, Not Me!

All right...Thanksgiving is almost here and I've got lots of things to do to get ready to go out of town. But first, it's time for "Not Me!" Monday over at MckMama's. Head on over by clicking on the Not Me button above...after you are done here of course. It's nice to know that a couple hundred other moms are also willing to share their oops's (is that a word?) This week...

... I did not accidentally drop Lucy's fresh out of the skillet, beautifully browned grilled cheese sandwich off the spatula...into a water filled pot sitting in the sink...nope, Not Me!

... I did not take Lucy for her first haircut, then laugh at her while she screamed in the chair as I tried to dig the camera out to get a "before" picture! I wouldn't laugh at my baby like that :)...nope, Not Me!



... I did not want actual "toasted" marshmallows for s'mores last night even after John decided not to light a fire in the fireplace. I was not so desperate for the toasted marshmallows that I put the marshmallows on a skewer, lit 3 small box matches together, and held them under the marshmallows to toast them...nope, Not Me!

...I did not set the marshmallows on fire, then realize once I blew the fire out that it might not be a good idea to eat match-burnt marshmallows...(whew) I also did not throw the marshmallows away because that would just be wasteful!...nope, Not Me!

...I did not make the s'mores in the microwave because by this time really did not want them, nope, Not Me!

...I absolutely would never and did not eat the s'mores (two of them) then proceed to lick the leftover gooey, chocolate/marshmallow mess off the paper towel...nope, Not Me! That would just be too much!...nope, Not Me!

... Finally, I did not wait until Abby fell asleep to sneak some baby Vick's Vapor Rub onto her chest to help her breathe. She did not scream and pitch a fit when I tried to put in on her before bed. As I was NOT rubbing it onto her chest as she slept, she did not open her eyes and look at me, I did not hide the container, and I did not pretend to just be making sure she was okay! I wouldn't sneak things onto my kids like that...nope, Not Me!

Now, I feel better, I am not going to ignore Lucy throwing her toys out of her crib and go clean my kitchen! Now, head on over to MckMama's and have fun with more Not Me's! and do not have a great day :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tis the Season for MckMiracles!

Do you feel like the holidays have become too commercialized?...Do you feel like no one remembers what the true meaning of Christmas is all about? Have you wondered yourself if miracles really happen or if the power of prayer really works? Here's your answer...
From the creator of ...
(MckMama, of course!)
...A MckMiracle!

Stellan (a.k.a. MckMuffin) was born less than a month ago to MckMama and Prince Charming over at My Charming Kids. Click on the MckMiracle button above or on my sidebar to head over there and read a wonderful story about how this mother and father received a devastating diagnosis for their 4th child during pregnancy. Doctors told them that due to severe heart problems, MckMuffin would most certainly die. Witness in their story how they placed their unborn son's life in God's hands, all the while praying for complete healing, but willing to accept God's plan for Stellan. Witness also the power of prayer of thousands of people, praying for a family they didn't know and for a baby they would not meet (except in pictures). Read about how MckMuffin defied all odds (given by doctors) and made it full term. See the pictures of the sweet baby boy who baffled doctors by being born completely healthy!

If you need an example of a miracle to remind yourself of the true miracle of this holiday season, read MckMama's story...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Obsession!

No, not the cologne :) Lucy now has a new word that she is obsessed just so happens to be her big sister's name...Abby. Allllllllll day long, what I here the most is "Aaaabbyyyyyy". I love how she draws out the beginning and the end of it. Usually if she sees a picture of Abby or the real thing she will add a little squeal to it. So cute. She is also verbalizing more when she wants something...YES!

The other day I was standing in the kitchen and I watched as she finished her milk in her sippy cup. Instead of screaming at some other little girl I know would :)...Lucy walked to me, held out her cup and said, "Appy joos" (translation: apple juice). I said, "What do you say Lucy?". She grins really big and says, "Peeez" (please). Another time she wanted out of her booster seat when she was done eating and instead of screaming at me she said, "get down" (it's actually more like...getgetgetgetgetget dowwwwwwn!). I am loving me some baby communication. She also just started saying "up" when she wants me to pick her up. WooHoo!

Oh yeah, speaking of Abby. She informed me today that she has 3 names. I asked her what her first name was and she said Abby. I asked her what the other two were and she said Kavanaugh Bailey. At least she now admits that she has 3 names and doesn't lump the middle and last together as one...we're making progress.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Acting Debut Delayed :(

Unfortunately, since Max was absent from school yesterday, he missed his acting debut. My son had the lead role as Jack Be Nimble in his kindergarten class' Nursery Rhyme Show. Yes, Jack is the only character in Jack Be Nimble (unless you count the candlestick), and yes, they did several other Nursery Rhymes as well, and yes, all the kids in the class got to play a part, but hey, Max did have a lead role :)
We had his costume all ready Monday night...he was supposed to wear boots, "high" socks, shorts and a hat. We had his boots (thanks Nana), his ski socks (the only "high" ones he had, a pair of dark green shorts, a white polo shirt (a shirt wasn't on the costume list but I couldn't find any version of Jack Be Nimble where Jack was I took a chance). We also had the coolest dark green hat (thanks Papa). He was so excited about the show. He had been talking about it and practicing the nursery rhymes at home for at least two weeks. He toook his role as Jack Be Nimble very seriously and practiced...non-stop...everywhere...jumping over an invisible had to be there :)
As we were sitting in the ER he asked me a couple of times if his show was over already or getting ready to start. The room didn't have any windows so he couldn't see that it was pitch dark outside so I had to explain to him that no one was at school yet...he doesn't quite understand what "middle of the night" means. He was really bummed that he missed the show and I felt so bad for him. I'll have to let him go ahead and get into costume and get his picture anyway.
Well, I guess Hollywood will just have to wait a little longer for this leading man...:) That's alright, he's a star to us!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Boy's Dream...Mama's Nightmare...WARNING...this may take a few minutes!

It involves a firetruck, an ambulance, and a trip (in the ambulance) to the the middle of the night.

Remember how I mentioned before in this post how much I wanted the croup to stay out of my house? Well, it was back last night with a vengeance! Get comfortable...this will take a few minutes but I need to get it out.

Just as John and I were about to get in the bed last night, Max started coughing. It was the classic croup cough, the one he has had a few times before, so we knew what it was. Then right away he woke up and started crying. I thought he was going to be sick so I took him to the bathroom. While in there he continued to cough harder and get more agitated so now he was starting to have trouble getting a breath. I took him outside into the cool air to see if it would help...nope. Now he was getting even more agitated because he was starting to have an even harder time breathing. He said he thought he was going to be sick so we took him back to the bathroom. At this point I was calling the after hours line at the pediatrician's office. As I was calling I was getting dressed because I had made up my mind to take him to the ER (oh yeah, John was with Max at this point).

I told the operator what was going on and she said the nurse would call me back in 5 minutes. Max and John were still in the bathroom when the nurse called and she said to try running the shower and getting it steamy. Well, I was confused because we had done that in the past when he had the croup but the last time they told us that we should do the cold air and not the steam. I didn't care, I turned the shower on full blast! As I was talking to the nurse I let her listen to Max and she confirmed that it was indeed croup and that he had stridor when he was breathing. She asked if he was retracting and I told her his chest was caving in as he tried to get a breath. Then she asked if I wanted to call 9-1-1. Just as I said, "I don't know" (I thought I could get him there myself), Max started freaking out and saying he couldn't breathe. The nurse simply said, "Call 9-1-1, I'll tell the doctor".

It is a very surreal experience to stand on your front porch waiting for the paramedics to arrive to help your 5 year old son, your first born, breathe. They got there quickly and immediately gave him a breathing treatment. During this time the doctor called and he recommended to the paramedic that they take him to the ER (the medics had already made that decision). An ambulance was called and as Max's second breathing treatment was finishing up they were ready to take him. I carried my 56 pound almost 4 foot tall son to the stretcher waiting outside and got into the ambulance. John was going to get someone to stay with the girls so he could come in the car.

Max had a third breathing treatment in the ambulance because he was still having trouble breathing. When we got to the ER at the Children's Hospital they quickly assessed him and gave him an epi treatment (breathing treatment...apparently stronger than the albuterol he had already gotten) and a steroid shot in the leg (I warned them not to do an i.v. unless absolutely necessary because he would LOSE IT!) John got there about 1ish (my mom came to stay with the girls...thanks Mom, you are awesome). We had to wait a couple more hours to make sure the epi treatment would work and that he wouldn't rebound because it would take about 4 hours for the steroids to start doing their thing. Max could not got to sleep despite mine and John's best efforts to convince him he needed to (apparently the steroids can wake them up and make them more prone to be he'd be like his normal self then...grin). He didn't need another breathing treatment...thank you God...and we were able to get out of there at some time after 3 am. We got home and got Max in the bed a few minutes shy of 4am.

About 1 minute after I laid down and the adrenaline stopped flowing and the tears started...Abby started crying...she had wet the bed. Change Abby, change sheets, get Abby back in bed, lay down in my bed close my eyes. At 6:20 am...Lucy starts fussing, hold her, give her pappy, lay her back down, go back to sleep...Abby up at 6:45...ugh. Max slept until almost 9 this morning and got up feeling like his old self :) John and I on the other hand are not feeling normal today...however John went to work with a promise that all I have to do is call and he would come right home.

I wasn't sure if Max actually comprehended the fact that his favorite heroes (besides race car drivers and fighter pilots) were standing in his living room last night and that a fire truck and an ambulance were parked right in front of our house. Later at the hospital though I discovered that through everything Max was fully aware because he informed me of two things...1. The female paramedic (from the fire station down the street) that was doing his breathing treatments and talking to him had come to his classroom and read books to his class...2. The next time he goes to Writer's Workshop in his classroom he is going to write about riding in the ambulance.

I thank God for helping me hold it together last night. I couldn't think, before I called 9-1-1, of a prayer to say so I kept saying over and over, "Please God, take care of him". Then suddenly a sense of calm and peace came over me and I was able to function and keep it together for Max and John. I am especially proud of Max for being brave even though I know he was worried and I am very proud of John for keeping it together as well. We were both freaking out on the inside but kept our cool on the outside. I also thank the wonderful paramedics, nurses, and doctors who did a wonderful job for my baby (big) boy.

In a terrifying way, one of Max's dreams came true and he got to ride in an ambulance and have the fire truck come to his house...Max's nightmare!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rules Shmules!

I realize that rules aren't always fun or easy to follow but most of them (I'll admit probably not all) are created for a reason. By the time one reaches adulthood you'd think that they would have learned how to follow them...for the most part. I have always been a rule follower. I am not a huge fan of "better to ask for forgiveness later than permission now". I like to have permission because I just don't like to break the rules. If one person does it then everyone else will want to do it and then what do you have?...chaos, mayhem, craziness?

Okay, Okay, I'll get to the point. I am getting extremely frustrated and aggravated by the audacity of some people at BOTH of my kids' schools who think it is okay for them to cut into the carpool line. I mean, seriously! Didn't they learn in...uh...kindergarten that it is not cool to cut in line? At the beginning of each school year, the director of the preschool where Abby goes has spelled out what street to turn on to get in the carpool line. There are even maps! Wow, imagine that, someone telling you where to go so you don't cut off about 20 other cars that have been sitting patiently in line waiting to pick up their child. Guess what, about 20 other people didn't get the message apparently. Ev-er-y-day, at least 2 or 3 cars can be seen turning into the carpool line from the street we rule followers have to cross to get to the school. Do they seriously believe that the rest of us who followed the rules don't have a life that we need to carry out so we can sit in the line a little longer? Don't they hear the screaming baby in the back seat of my car because we aren't moving and she's bored? UGH! Yeah, my life would be easier if I scooted in front of everyone else so I could get my child sooner but I couldn't be that rude. Oh yeah, they even remind people in the school's monthly newsletter about not cutting in line...hmmm.

Same thing happens at Max's primary school. The carpool line actually goes in a loop around the front of the school. The first time I saw it I was in utter disbelief that someone would have the nerve to do this. A car passed by me and I assumed they were going to park in a parking spot and go into the building...uh uh. The drove around and ever no nonchalantly squeezed their shiny black mercedes between two other cars...AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE! Are you kidding me? School lets out at 2:40. I get there at 2:15 and there is already a line all the way around the loop and heading out to the front entrance. For someone to have the audacity to pass everyone else in line and cut in front of at least 30 other cars that have been there at least 30 minutes is beyond comprehension. Since the "black mercedes incident" I have seen many more try and some succeed on an almost daily basis. It is just plain rude. I know it is pointless to get worked up over something like this because people are going to do what they want to do...but hey, it takes my mind off the screaming baby in the backseat :)

No, the answer is not to be like one of "them" and go ahead and cut in line. I won't let those bad apples spoil the almost 37 years of rule following I have accomplished. Maybe I should make bumper stickers that say..."WARNING: I cut into carpool lines" and quietly stick in onto the back bumper of a shiny mercedes. Would that make me feel better? I don't know but it is becoming an epidemic. When I taught 1st grade I made those who cut in line go to the end of the line...hmmm...there's a thought.

Not Me!

Another week has come and gone and another Not Me! Monday is here. MckMama is hosting again and it's therapy time. Click on the Not Me! button and read some other Not Me's! when you are done here.

1. I did not go back to Weight Watchers and realize that it has been almost two months since I had weighed in...YIKES! I also did not get excited when I realized that I had ONLY gained .6!

2. I did not take my children to Sunday School yesterday without jackets on and then realize when we got there how cold it was. I am always up to date on the changing temperatures you know!

3. I did not eat over half a loaf of banana bread this week!

4. I did not watch Lucy dump her snack on the floor the other day for the 3rd time (after I had already picked it up twice). I did not then just let her eat it off the floor since that is where she wanted it anyway.

5. I did not finally get the sock out of my vacuum cleaner hose from last week! I did not have to get a metal skewer to wiggle it out.

6. My cats did not go without food for a whole day because I did not keep forgetting to refill their bowl. It's in the laundry room where I spend much of time anyway, why would I forget something important like that?

7. Abby has not been particulary whiny this week and yesterday when she was in full whine mode, I DID NOT put my fingers in my ears and and I DID NOT sing la-tee-dah-la-tee-dah over and over until she got mad at me and walked out of the room. I would never be so mean!

8. Finally, I did not let Abby watch two movies and have two bowls of tortilla chips at my parents house yesterday because I was not hoping that she would fall asleep and take a nap. I'm just not that worn out!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

Just wanted to say Happy _ _ th birthday to my Mom. Hope your day was/is great. I hope you enjoy your massage or facial (whichever you choose). Love you're the best!

Friday, November 14, 2008

How do you know your 3 year old is really tired?...

When you tell her that after she is done eating her taco you'll take her upstairs, put her pj's on and put her to bed and she says..."okay, I'm done now Mommy". I thought John would never get his jaw off the floor when we were sitting at the table and I asked Abby if she was tired and she wanted to go to bed and she said yes! THAT IS ONE TIRED 3 YEAR OLD :) Night-Night Sweet One...

Lucy decided she wanted a little more play time instead of bed time so I hung out with her on my bed watching her be goofy and John let Max stay up for an extra hour or so playing Backgammon and Dominoes! Max says he won both games :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Like Grandma Used to Make...YUM!

I have been in a baking mood lately! John is not complaining at all :) My recent favorite has benn my Grandma Hedinger's Banana Bread recipe! Goodness gracious it's delicious. It looks like it could be so heavy but it is moist and light. I am in love with this banana bread. Seriously. I can't make it with walnuts though because my tempermental stomach can't handle them anymore for some reason...serious pain happens. Anyway, I love it without the walnuts and John doesn't miss them either.

I wanted to make two loaves last night so I could share but...alas...only enough ingredients for one! Better luck next time.

Now, my food memories of my Grandma Hedinger pretty much revolve around baked goods and I have started to venture into more of her recipes since I love to bake. Some of her recipes are tough to follow however. In her words to me years ago when I was questioning the lack of "directions" or the "add enough flour to handle" (how much is that?), she said, "that's how we Germans cooked, add some of this and some of that and cook it until it's done". Hmmm.

My Grandma Hedinger wasn't the only cooking Grandma I had. While she was the baker that I remember, my food memories of my Granny Kleeman are of good old fashioned comfort food! My Granny's chili was a staple whenever we came to visit. We'd get in the door, give hugs and kisses, sit at the table and if the chili wasn't already on the stove it was on its way! Of course cheese and bologna crackers were the side dish for this meal :) Also a favorite and a regular of Granny's was fried chicken.

When I went to college in Indiana for my 1st two years I would go to my Grandma and Grandpa Kleeman's house on the weekends and just about EVERY Sunday we would have fried chicken for lunch. We'd also have Granny's mashed potatoes (she'd leave some lumps in for us), regular or creamed corn (Grandpa's favorite), cucumbers and tomatoes and onions in vinegar, and no meal was complete without jelly bread!

Of course, the ultimate favorite dish at granny's house...the one we always asked for...steak and gravy with dressing balls...OH...MY...GOSH! She'd start it in the mid morning and put it in the crockpot to sit on the counter all day and tease us with the delicious aroma. My dad just made this last weekend when Shea came into town because she had been asking for it. YUMMY! It took me back to Granny's.

Don't know why I've been thinking about my Grandma's (both of them) cooking so much. Maybe because I have been enjoying some of their recipes lately. Maybe I should go eat some lunch...too bad I don't have any steak and dressing balls tucked away in my fridge...turkey sandwich for me!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's In A Name?

Apparently Abby isn't that concerned. The other day I picked her up from preschool and her teacher informed me that Abby's mid year evaluation was in her folder. Then she proceeded to tell me that although she is sure that Abby knows her last name, she just couldn't get her to say it when she asked. Knowing their last name is on the checklist. Anyway, she said that Abby is just so painfully shy that she just couldn't get it out of her...although she did complete the other items on the list.
So, seeing for myself, I decided to test Abby's how it went...
Me: Abby, what is your last name?
Abby: I don't know.
Me: Yes you do silly. Your name is Abby ... (drawing it out waiting for her to finish)
Abby: A-b-b-y (spelling it)
Me: Well, that's how you spell Abby but what is your name after that?
Abby: I don't know. L-U-C-Y? M-A-X?
Me: That's Lucy and Max's names. Your name is Abby Kavanaugh ... (drawing it out again this time using the middle name)
Abby: (smiling) Bailey!
Me: Yes, Abby Kavanaugh Bailey. Now, what is your last name?
Abby: I don't know.
Me: Abby... (drawing it out yet again)
Abby: A-b-b-y! (spelling it...yet again)
After that I just told her that her last name was Bailey and made a mental note that she knows her last name but only after hearing it with her first and middle name :) Guess we'll work on that! When I mentioned this to Abby's teacher this morning she said that Abby might have said Kavanaugh to her but she was talking so soft she couldn't tell. Yeah, MY CHILD, talking soft! I think I need to bring her teacher home with me :)

A-b-b-y Abby!
Oh yeah, this morning, for the first time, this little 3 going on 13 year old said for the first time...
(insert valley girl accent here!)
(upon seeing Lucy's VERY runny nose)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembering Our Veterans...

This post is dedicated to my favorite veteran, my dad. He served in the Navy for 20 years before retiring in 1989. He spent most of those years on submarines. At his retirement ceremony a friend of mine sang Lee Greenwood's Proud to be an American. It is because of veterans like my dad and the many men and women currently serving in the armed forces that we enjoy the many rights and freedoms we have.

To all the veterans I love, daddy, Grandpa Hedinger, Grandpa Kleeman, Uncle Bud, Uncle Bob, Uncle Mike, cousin Mark and Uncle Jim...and to all the other veterans and those currently serving... thank you, Happy Veterans Day, and God Bless.

I found this video on YouTube. Instead of a video of Proud to be an American, I found another song that also speaks of the freedoms our veterans fight to protect. This is a song my dad enjoys by an artist that he has loved for as long as I can on the link below to see... This is for you dad...

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Monday...You Know What That Means...

MckMama is at it again. It's therapy time and I don't know about you but there was some stuff I "didn't do" that I need to confess. So after you're done here, click on the Not Me button above and read what others "didn't do" this week too.

1. I did not bake another double batch of chocolate chip cookies last night because the first 5 dozen were not eaten in about 1 week.

2. I did not find myself (and my husband) digging through the kids' Halloween candy...I did not justify eating some by saying that they wouldn't like that kind anyway...and I certainly did not eat the candy! I mean my goodness...what kind of mom does that?

3. I have not skipped out on Weight Watchers for oh, say, the past month and I have not made various excuses to not go. I certainly do not need motivation and support to get back to my goal weight.

4. I have not left a load of laundry on the chair in my room for two days waiting to be folded. I do not find other things to do instead because I am certainly not tired of folding clothes! I really do not detest finding/matching/folding socks...I mean really...that's the best part of doing laundry!

5. I did not accidentally suck a sock into the vacuum cleaner attachment the other day while vacuuming between my washer and dryer. I did not leave the sock in the hose after attempts to retrieve it failed.

6. I do not still have a sock stuck in my vacuum cleaner hose...

7. I did not drive 30 miles to my mom's work to get a flu shot because it would be $10 cheaper than at my doctor's office.

8. Finally, I did not spend two nights balancing my checkbook to the penny...I'm not anal like that...and I don't get that from my dad :)

Whew...I feel better now...I guess I'll go get Lucy up now because she hasn't been fussing to get out of bed as I typed this.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Pajama Party Fizzled Out...

Okay, to be fair...since I have posted about Lucy and Max today I can't go to bed without doing an Abby post...wouldn't want to add any fuel to the "middle child" syndrome later on...
Since John took Max to the game tonight I told Abby we would have a "pajama party" after Lucy went to bed. I put Lucy down and Abby got dolled up in her (now way too small) princess p.j.'s. Yeah, yeah, I'll get her some new ones! Anyway, we snuggled together in the chair for a few minutes then she wanted to snuggle on the couch and watch Food Network (they were showing a cake challenge). Within 5 minutes (35 minutes after the "party" started) she was sawing logs next to me! I took a little cat nap myself! Well, so much for the staying up all night giggling and talking pajama party I had planned :) Yeah...right!
And...just because she's so cute...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Abby!

In her school costume parade...yeah...she's thrilled!

Much more excited about Trick or Treating! What a sweet butterfly princess :)

That's my first baby girl on her "Mommy time" walk. How cute is she?

Giving some cheese to go with her "whine"...
Please continue to scroll down and read about Max then Lucy and see more pics...if you haven't already! Have a great weekend!
My sister Shea and her husband are coming into town this weekend again so we have some "cousin time" coming up...let the noise fest begin! :)

News from the bleachers...

John took Max to the high school football game tonight. Wando, the school that Max will more than likely attend vs. Stratford, my alma mater. First off, as of right now Stratford is winning! :) GO KNIGHTS! Anyway, John informed me that Max has been putting away some serious game food tonight...this on top of a full dinner that he ate before he left! He eats like his daddy and he's only 5! Here's hoping he keeps that high metabolism because to look at him you'd think he never eats! He was Jeff Gordon for Halloween...Max could probably run a race without the car!

Boy sees camera...Boy acts goofy

I think he really believes this is how Jeff Gordon would pose after winning a race :)

Getting ready to "race" daddy...Max on scooter...daddy on bike...and the winner was...

NOT Daddy!

Lots to say...for a 1 year old

Lucy is a talker...go figure :) She can go from this...

To this...

in 3 seconds flat!

She is doing very well with the words she knows and seems to pick up new words really fast! Once she gets started talking it doesn't usually slow down until she gets tired or decides to pitch a fit.

Out of the Mouth of the Goose..."Luce the Goose" as she is often called...

"Daddy" - the current favorite, she says it clear as a bell. She only said "Da-Da" for a couple of weeks then upgraded to Daddy.
"Nana" - my mom.
"Papa" - my dad
"bobby" - her lovey
"Mommy" - only when asked to, she usually just finds me and puts her arms up.
"Maaaa" - Max
"Pu - tee" - pretzel
"na" - snack
"apa joo" - apple juice
"uh oh"
"teen - tee" - stinky - usually accompanied a wrinkled nose, shaking her head, and a rotten smell
"wap" - waffle
"too - tee" - cookie
"ni - ni" - night night...bedtime
"cee-cee" - Lucy
"shhh...shhh...shhh" - I have always done this to try to calm her down when she's fussy or trying to go to sleep. Just recently I've noticed when she gets fussy she'll stop and start shhh...shhh...shhh'ing herself :)

Well, it's all I can remember for now. I'd say it's a pretty good list though for being a week shy of 14 months :)

**UPDATED** - I can't believe I forgot that my sweet little Lucy has manners already and also says...

"Peez" - Please

"Day-do" - Thank You

Pondering what she'll say next...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Insert Clever Title Here...

I am waaaaaaay too tired to come up with anything close to a clever title (and I really ramble when I'm tired so get comfy).

Lucy was up from about 2 - 3:30 this morning and so was Abby who ever so patiently waited for me to come and lay in the bed with her while I was tending to her screaming, cranky, wide awake but oh so tired baby sister (teething has gotten into full swing around here). Oh yeah, I think Max woke up in there somewhere too. Finally got everyone to sleep and then Max decided to start his day at about 5:15. YUCK! He figured since daddy was up then it must be time to get a move on...once awake, this child won't even consider TRYING to go back to sleep until bedtime that night.

On the bright side...I was able to accomplish more before 7am than...I don't know...someone out there HAD to still be sleeping at 7am...right?

I spent the morning elbow deep in my washer, dryer, dishwasher, sink, trashcans, and litterbox (ewwwww) and was finally able to get my entire house vacuumed in one shot instead of in spurts...WOOHOO! FORTUNATELY, Lucy was able to get a good nap this morning so I could get some stuff done. Abby was a trooper and enjoyed "washing dishes" at the sink for me and that must have wore her out because I couldn't entice her to Windex the back door for me...usually her favorite "chore".

Max was a "little" cranky this afternoon (major understatement!) and took most of this out on she had anything to do with him getting up early! He spent some time in his room to get himself together then was okay for the rest of the afternoon. As active as he stays all day, when the boy goes to bed...he usually CRASHES!

I was able to finish the banana bread (my grandma's recipe that turned out great), the egg salad, and the chili and get my kitchen cleaned up in the process! No...I don't know where the energy has come from but I'm not complaining! Neither is John...he's loving the food...I made homemade pizza (cheated on the sauce though cause I ran out of time) for dinner on Tuesday and he's still eating the cookies from last week! Now we have chili, egg salad and banana bread to get us through the next couple of days (the bread might not last that long though...Lucy loves it!)

Although my "To-Do" list didn't get finished today, I do feel good that I got so much accomplished. All in all...a very good day :) Now I think I'll tackle the mountain of laundry waiting to be folded before I go to bed. Oh yeah, I'll do pictures tomorrow...hope you're not too disappointed...okay, I'll leave you with one of Jeff Gordon, a lady bug and a butterfly princess!

Wouldn't you just love to know what Abby is thinking?
Also, I hate having the bottoms of shoes showing in my pictures but Lucy is short so what can I do? The black mark on the bottom is a squished raisin...oops!

Pics coming soon...

I'll be posting pics soon...right now I'm channeling Betty Crocker. Got banana bread in the oven, eggs boiling for egg salad (for John to have for lunch tomorrow), and getting ready to make chili for dinner. I just got nauseous thinking about THAT smell combination in my house...maybe I'll open the back door! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prayer Request...

I talked to my friend Jackie yesterday and she requested prayers for her husband's grandfather who is 92. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday with pneumonia.

Also, PLEASE get out and vote today! John left at 6:15 this morning to get in line and he called at 6:34 and said there were about 300 people there already. I'll be going tonight when he gets home. I may be crazy at times but it would require WAY more crazy than I've got to take my 3 kids with me to the polls and wait in line for oh...I don't! I did tell Max I'd take him with me tonight if he could be good :) Since he has been really into this election I figured I'd let him tag along to see what it's really like...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday Strikes Again!

Well, MckMama has done it again. Another Not Me Monday...and MckMuffin is barely out of the oven! You go girl! Click on the "Not Me!" button to read some other great "Not Me!" confessions when you are done here...

It's been one of those's what I "didn't" do...

1. I did not get upset that it took so long getting my rental car Wednesday morning because I wanted to get home and check MckMama's blog...I'm not addicted or anything!

2. I did not cry when I read how God had performed yet another miracle and baby Stellan was born perfectly healthy. I also did not keep checking the blog all day to see if MckMama had posted any more pics...not that she was too busy or anything.

3. On Thursday, I did not (deep breath) make 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies, take all 3 kids to Wal-Mart to get groceries, help Max paint his pumpkin, make a complete spaghetti dinner, take Max to his football game, bathe all 3 kids, carve Max's pumpkin, make a popcorn treat for Abby's class party on Friday, boil the pumpkin seeds in salt water to roast them on Friday morning, and glue together 60 small candy foam candy corns for Abby's class craft at her party on Friday. Nope, not me, I don't have that kind of energy!

4. I did not have to make a tough choice to miss Max's field day on Friday morning to attend Abby's costume parade and party.

5. I did not take Abby and Lucy to Max's Halloween party and park them in a corner of the room to eat the grilled cheese sandwiches I "didn't" make at home minutes before we left. I wouldn't make my kids eat on the run like that :)

6. I did not get home from Max's party and let the kids watch a movie and put Lucy down for a nap so I could fold laundry, pack clothes into bags and bags into the car, and clean my kitchen. Then I did not get my kids into their costumes and take them trick or treating at 5:30 so we could jump into the car and get to John's office to eat dinner then get on the road to Charlotte. Like I said, I don't have that kind of energy and that's just way too early to go trick or treating!

7. I certainly did not fall asleep in the car on the way to Charlotte. I don't do that because then John wouldn't have anyone to keep him company while he's driving :)

8. Finally, I did not pick Abby up from school today and head to Wal-Mart to pick up a "few" things. Then I would never, no never, head to the carpool line at Max's school at 1:50 because going home would take too long and I wouldn't want to try to get closer to the front of the line! I'm not competitive like that. Of course, this also means that I did not make Abby and Lucy sit in the car for almost 40 minutes in the carpool line because we got there so early. I'm not that mean!

With all that stuff I didn't's no wonder I'm not exhausted!

Happy November

Updates on our weekend and a seasonal facelift coming soon. Right now I gotta go get Lucy up and feed her some grub. Feels like a waffle morning to me :) By the way, I don't know if there will be a Not Me Monday post today because MckMama had her baby last week and just got home yesterday. You can see on my sidebar that I attached her button to her blog. Click on the button and go on over to check out her newest MckMiracle!

ALSO...I had my dad's camera this past weekend so I was able to get lots of pictures of the kids. As soon as I can GET them I will post pics...