Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Know! I Know!

I know I haven't posted in a while. Sorry. I've been busy planning a birthday party and being involved in planning Abby's End of the Year Class Party.

Let's see, what's been going on?

Max turned 5 years old on May 5th! Can you believe it? We celebrated by going to Max's new favorite place to eat...Five Guys :) Nana and Papa joined us and we had a great time. Nana and Papa got Max a Laepster L-Max for his birthday and he was so excited to get to play it before bed that night but alas...it was defective! Not a thing happened when the batteries went in except for an extremely annoying clicking sound that would only go away when the batteries were removed. I have to ship it back to Leap Frog and they will send us a new one.

Max's party was held on May 10th at the county park. We had it there last year and Max and his friends had a great time so we figured we'd do it again (also, it wasn't my house and it was free!) Of course Max was having so much fun that he didn't want to stop long enough to eat, I practically had to sit on him to get him to sit at the table long enough to sing Happy Birthday and cut my beautiful race track birthday cake, and he didn't want to stop long enough to open presents (shocker!) so we brought them home for him to open. At the end of the party he was filthy, exhausted, and happy :) I thought he might crash when we got home but I think he got his second wind in the car. Nana, Papa, Shea and the kids, Mallory, and Grandma and Grandpa all came to the house to hang out for awhile. Max opened presents and discovering a slip and slide he and Jack promptly got into their trunks and headed out for some water fun. Both boys were tentative at first then Daddy/Uncle John showed them how it's done! Sorry I don't have a picture of that :( They had a great time and got inside just in time for the thunderstorm to roll through. God answered my prayers and held off until after the party.

Max had a great time turning 5 and having his cousins and friends help him celebrate.

I'll post pics later. I have to go make Abby some lunch before we go get Max from school.