Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Such a Slacker!!!

Please accept my apologies for being the "WORST BLOGGER EVER" (at least for the month of December anyway).

We have been extremely busy this past month and are still on the move. For some reason I got the "nesting instinct" (you know, the one a woman usually gets right before she gives birth?) after Thanksgiving...a year AFTER I had Ruby :P

My parents so graciously gave John 2 gallons of paint in the color I had picked out for the living room (because I was sneaky and told them he wanted it...HA!) for his birthday back in October. I got a Bee in my Bonnet or a Bug in my Butt or whatever and decided...ahem...insisted that the living room would be painted before Ruby's first birthday. Her party ( a small one) was planned for Sunday the 12th (her birthday was the 13th) and I wanted it done before then.

So one day I got out the painter's tape and taped the living room. Boy you should have seen the look on John's face when he got was kind of like... "Oh cr**, she really wants to paint". Well, I wasn't about to let the Christmas tree into the living room until the walls were painted and since the tree was sitting out in the garage it just had to get done :)

Well, since we had some paint left over I went ahead and started painting the Butler's pantry the next day when John was at work thinking I would surprise him. Ummmm, I kinda thought we had more paint than we did and ran out before the whole thing was done. I couoldn't very well leave it that way could I? Nope. So I set out will all 4 of the kids to buy 1 more gallon.

Since I had even more paint I figured why not venture a little more into the foyer (our downstairs walls in the living room, dining room and foyer all flow together so I chose 1 color for all those areas ad it will also go up the stairs and through the upstairs you care... HA!) So I taped four teeny tiny little walls going into the foyer thinking I could get it all done before John got home. Seriously, who was I kidding? REALLY hard to paint while 4 small kids are in the house... awake... demanding to be fed.

So what did I get when John got home that night...yeah, that same look :) Good thing he loves me :) So we got the walls painted before the party :) Party post to come later...

Fast forward to the Monday before Christmas. Since I hadn't yet finished my Christmas shopping or baking, I had all 4 kids at home full time since winter break had started, I hadn't done any of my baking yet (or laundry for that matter), and I obviously had SO much extra time on my hands, what did I do???? Taped and painted the dining room in 3 hours! Dang I'm good (or stubborn...I'll compromise and say both!) Ruby was taking awesome naps that day and Lucy even took one and Max and Abby were busy with friends so throwing caution to the wind I figured I'd surprise John.

I got everything done...AND even made dinner that night! The stinker didn't even notice when he came in the front door even thought I had the buffet lamps on in the dining room! It wasn't until after dinner when he was...GASP!...rinsing his dinner dishes that he saw the paint roller and brushes sitting by the sink drying. He had this panicked sound in his voice when he said, "What were you painting???" I showed him and I think I heard the sigh of relief when he realized it was all done :)

I explained that since we would be eating Christmas Eve dinner in that room it only made sense that it should be painted too. I mean really, how could he argue with that sound logic?

On Christmas Eve as he was setting the table he came in the kitchen and reluctantly told me that I was...choke...choke...gasp...gasp...wheeze...RIGHT about painting it :)

Now that you have read this ramble (you're still here aren't you?), I'll leave you until 2011...

Coming Attractions in the New Year...

Ruby's First Birthday
Abby's Tooth Drama
My Tooth Drama

Good Night and Happy New Year...I hope 2011 brings Peace, Hope, Good Health, and Love to you all!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Important Announcement...

Someone in this family...

I won't name any names...

but someone in this family will be turning 1 year old on Monday! (I REALLY hope you didn't think I was going to say I was pregnant!)

Here's a hint... any guesses?