Sunday, October 7, 2012

Can You Say Cheeeeese?

The blog design is the way it is because I am tired of fighting with it.  I thought to change it again for winter but it may just have to be Autumn for awhile :p

This was a quick shot on the way out the door on Max and Abby's first day of school.
Max 4th grade, Abby 2nd grade, Lucy 4K, Ruby 2 year old class...aptly called "Monkeys"!
Max and Abby started school at the schools they were at last year and then on Labor Day John had an epiphany and suggested that we think about maybe moving them to my school next year.  Paying a couple of thousand dollars a month in childcare (between Lucy and Ruby's preschool/daycare and Max and Abby's after school care) was getting to be too much and not only would it save us $ but it would make more sense logistics wise. 
We brought the kids and suggested it to them.  Abby was gung ho from the get go!  Especially when she realized that my school does not have a uniform policy and she could actually where what she wants to wear to school (within reason of course...we DO have a dress code!).  Max actually thought about it more and then decided he would go for it.  Okay...done year they would be going with me.
Then John went to play golf and the kids scattered and I got to thinkin'...
If it is going to save money...  If it is going to be more convenient...  If it would put us all on the same school calendar...  If they have only been in school for 8 days so far...
Following my train of thought here?????
Yep, I started thinking that if we are planning to do it anyway, why not now?  I mentioned it to John then I spoke to the kids about it and they figured... WHY NOT?
The day after Labor Day I went to school and started filling out the paperwork and emailed their schools to let them know that Friday would be their last day.
So, as of September 10th they have been coming to school with me and they LOVE IT!  So does John since we are saving $600 a month in after school care!
So, I know I have skipped several months between my last post in February and the beginning of the school year but I have to go...Ruby is VERY TIRED...VERY CRANKY...and driving me nuts!
I'll post again soon with updates on all the kiddos.
Whew!  It's good to be back :)

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Uploading pics to the computer and hoping to do a blog post soon!  Stay tuned :)