Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm 6 Months Old!

***This was supposed to post BEFORE we left on our trip to Indiana. It would have helped if I had clicked on "Publish Post" instead of "Save as Draft"! Ruby has her appointment with the dermatologist today as she promised so I will post again later and update on that. You can also expect some posts about our trip...we were BUSY :)

Hey ya'll! Mommy said I could write my own 6 month post because she's busy trying to get the house cleaned up before we go see my great Granny!

I guess by now you know that I turned 6 months old on Sunday the 13th. Wow! Hard to believe I have been around that long already. Seems like just yesterday I was all warm and snug in my mommy's belly without a care in the world. If I had known how crazy it was out here (and how LOUD) I might have tried to stay in that extra week :)

Okay, so, on my ACTUAL 6 month birthday I was blessed to celebrate a VERY special occasion. Want to know what it was? I was baptized!!!!! Yes indeedy. My mommy and daddy and Max, Abby, Lucy, Nana, and Papa came to the church with me and the nice deacon said some very special words. I got oil put on me that my mommy keeps sniffing (Nana said I smell "holy" and I got some water poured on my head (nobody told me I was getting a bath!)

The deacon said more special words and made the sign of the cross over us. He said we (there were two other babies there) are Christians (Catholic) and we have been welcomed into the church. I felt very special and blessed. I can't wait to learn more about God!

After everyone was done we took some pictures...but I really didn't want to look at the camera (I was getting tired).

Here's me in the white gown and my family.

My crazy sister Lucy is eating the string on her dress...oh boy!

This is me and Max, Abby, and Lucy with our Nana and Papa.

Nana and Papa a.k.a. my Godparents :)


Besides getting baptized I also got to see the dr. this week. He says I am growing beautifully and he even told my mommy she is doing a great job with me...I would have told her that too...except I can't talk ;p

I had to lay on that scale thing again. I weighed 13 pounds and 13 ounces! My mommy was so excited about me gaining weight...she said better me than her...whatever that means. I am glad the dr. said I am growing good though because I am only in the 18th percentile for weight.

The nurse measured how tall I am too. She said I was 26 inches long. I am in the 52nd percentile for height. My mommy said I'll probably be like my big brother and sisters...tall and skinny.

The best news about my dr. app't (I am trying to forget that I had to get shots!), my dr. said mommy can start giving me REAL food!!!!! He told her before to wait until 6 months because of my eczema (I have to go to a derma...derma...hey, mommy, what's that skin doctor called again? oh yeah, a dermatologist...on the 28th).

Well, I hafta go now but Mommy said I could put a video of me on here too! It's of me doing two of my most favorite tricks...sucking my big toe and blowing raspberries :) ENJOY!

*** I do not help Ruby get her toes to her mouth. She just grabs hold and pulls it up herself. Limber little thing isn't she?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

6 Month Update coming soon...

Our sweet baby Ruby turned 6 months old today. How did we celebrate??? We had her baptized today as well!

Ruby has her 6 month well visit on Tuesday so I will post pics and stats about this new milestone after that.

As a side note...Max lost his 5th tooth today! It was the first top one he has lost :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lucy Strikes Again!

Well, that was the last time I let Lucy ride in the back of the cart at the grocery store. I can't believe she did it but she did.

What did the sweet cute little angel do, you ask?

I'll tell you...

She was sitting in the back part of the cart like she has done before (she likes to arrange the groceries for me and it keeps her busy). We are walking through the store and I am talking to Max when all of a sudden Abby says, "Mommy, the cap on the milk is gone!"

Just as I look into the cart, my darling little Lucy (do you hear sarcasm here?) was just finishing sucking on her fingers...

Can you guess what she did yet?

Yep, she had opened both gallons of milk and was sticking her fingers into them and then sucking the milk off!

Here's a video taped confession... (Don't forget to pause the music so you can hear her...I moved the music player to the column on the right so you don't have to scroll down to the bottom to find it...nice of me...huh?)

If you believe her then I have some swampland I'd like to sell you!

Disclaimer...when she did stand up in the cart I stopped the cart and refused to move until she sat down (she only did it once or twice)...also, she was taking the "hangers" off the shorts we bought for Abby...there were NO "HAMMERS" ;)

I'm not even thinking "GROSS" at this point...I'm thinking, "What will this child NOT do?????"

Needless to say I plunked her hiney into the front seat of the cart and strapped her in!

I'm not even going to say "What next?"...I'm afraid to find out ;p

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh That Little Lucy...

Now really...can YOU stay mad at a face like this?

This little girl DEFINITELY keeps us on our toes! She is 2 going on 32 and thinks she knows EVERYTHING...

Lucy holds a special place in our family. She isn't the oldest or the only boy like Max, she isn't the oldest girl like Abby, and she isn't the baby (thanks to Ruby!) Even though she isn't technically the "middle child" she has her own "I'm the third child-middle sister" syndrome going on :)

Of course it would be the first child that actually looks anything like me to be the definition of STUBBORN (I would say no connection there but my husband and parents and sisters would probably disagree).

We are currently on Day 3 of potty training and she has actually only peed on the potty one time...on the first day...when Abby took her! It has been a battle of wills with lots of screaming and crying and yelling (on her part). I have tried to keep my wits about me and not give in to her but I am about ready to "tank" it (no toilet pun intended...haha!) and try again in a month.

I don't think I'll hire her to babysit any time soon!

Having a conversation with Lucy is a lot like having a conversation with a "big kid". She has always been very clear in her speech and has a HUGE vocabulary. About the time "the books" say she should be able to speak in short sentences she was singing songs and carrying on conversations with us (and we could understand her). She also CRACKS ME UP with some of the things that come out of her mouth!

I was fussing at her the other night for getting out of her bed for the thousandth time. I was about at the end of my rope when I put her back in bed and told her to "stay in bed". She stood up in her bed, gave me a look (you know the look I'm talking about) and said, "You're not the boss of me". I told her that I was, in fact, the boss of her. She said, "oh no you're not" and continued dancing to the music. I had to step out of the room before she could see the huge smile and laugh about to bust out of me.

She is also fond of saying, "This is taking forever mom", "I can do it myself", "Can I have breakfast?" and the list goes on...

Lucy is also quite good at spelling (takes after her mommy don'tcha know!) She has learned to spell her name and the names of most of the members of her family (she might need a one letter prompt from time to time).

Here is a short video of Lucy spelling some names and doing the trick she is most known for around here...rolling her eyes. I have never seen such a little kid so good at this but she has been doing it for awhile and makes us laugh with it. If you ask her a question that she thinks is silly you might see her do this...

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the pause button on the music so you can hear the video.

She has a temper like dynamite! WOW! This kid can be all cheesy smiles and snuggles and kisses then something will happen (or she won't get her way) that sets her off and WATCH OUT!!!!! I know it's bad for me to laugh (and I never do when I'm around the kids) but whenever she gets mad, it doesn't matter who did what to her or if she is just in a rotten mood, the person she takes it out on??? Her big sister Abby! I will tell Lucy no and she gets mad then she'll hunt down Abby, wherever she is in the house, and smack her! Poor Abby doesn't even know what happened and she still gets it. Of course if she wouldn't scream and cry and give Lucy the satisfaction then she wouldn't be targeted so much...but how do you get a dramatic 4 year old to understand that?

Lucy with the one who elevated her to "Big Sister" status :)

Lucy loves to play with her baby dolls. She does love her baby sister as well and asks to hold her. I do think she is more jealous about the new baby than Max or Abby was when they became an older sibling for the first time. Fortunately, she doesn't take it out on Ruby!

Lucy also LOVES to snack! She is not the best eater unless it is a snack. DO NOT TRUST THIS CHILD around a bag of chips! She does like strawberries though and we recently went to pick our own strawberries. She kept telling us only to pick the red ones yet just about every time she picked a red one she came up with a tiny green one too.

Strawberry pickin'

Believe it or not she DID actually get some in her mouth too :)

The past couple of nights Lucy has decided to "put on her lipstick" AFTER her bath. I keep thinking Abby's princess lip gloss is put away where Lucy can't reach it but...alas...Abby doesn't put it away when she's done with it. I think Lucy might have a future as a makeup artist...what do you think?

"Come on Daddy...gimme a kiss!"

Lucy is all about taking her daily vitamin. As soon as either John or I walks into the kitchen in the morning she walks straight in and demands (here's the stubborn) her vitamin. She doesn't want to wait until we get the coffee started or get breakfast started...she NEEDS it NOW!!!!! The I have to empty the bottle into my hand so she can peruse the inventory and pick just the right one for that day. We are currently down to about 10 in the bottle and they are all the same color and the same character but she still has to look at all of them before choosing...UGH!

Lucy is excited about starting preschool in the fall. Two days a week...I hope her teachers can handle her for that long :) However, since her birthday is September 16th she'll have to be in the two year old class even though she'll be turning 3 two weeks after school starts.

Seriously though, as crazy as she makes us sometimes...she is a treasure. She can have the worst day possible then I will be laying down with her at night or she'll just randomly walk up to me and look me in the eye and say, "Mommy, you know what?" I say, "What Lucy?". She'll say, "I have God and Jesus in my heart!" and mine melts... In that moment, all the bad stuff is forgotten and I am reminded how truly blessed I am to have this child (as well as her siblings) in my life.

With that one sentence from my sweet goofy blond headed blue eyed baby girl, God is reminding me that it's all worth it...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Milestone for Abby...

I know I just posted recently on what Abby was up to these days but we have had 2 big developments/milestones since then that I need to share...

As of last Wednesday, Abby is now a KINDERGARTENER!!!!!!!!! Yes, she finished off her preschool career with a show where she played the cutest giraffe you ever did see and 3 parties!!!

The day of the show her class had their "Parent Party". They presented us with gifts, sang some songs to their parents, and we had a nice little brunch in the class. I got a nice shot of Lucy and Abby together but somehow neglected to get one of Abby and either one of her parents! UGH!

Abby and Lucy at the Parent Party

Here's our cute little giraffe!

Then last Tuesday her class celebrated the "Summer Birthdays" with a lunch and cupcakes. We sang Happy Birthday to the 5 kids who will turn 5 over the summer and they got their birthday bag from their teachers.

My sweet girl. She actually got to be the "leader" in her class this day

I don't know what was so fascinating about that piece of cheese!

The party hat cupcakes I made for the party. I got the idea out of the Wilton Cupcakes book.

Wednesday was the official last day so the class met at a local park and had another lunch and played.

Abby new Kindergartener!

I can't believe another one of my babies is out of preschool!

Now, for even bigger news!!!!!

For months, John has been trying to get Abby to ride her bike without the training wheels. It was funny to watch because she was always more focused on making sure he kept his hand on the bike than actually pedalling or steering (or watching where she was going for that matter!). As soon as she thought he was going to take his hand off the bike she would start shrieking and try to put her feet down to stop the bike.

Well, as of 2 weekends ago, she is a bike riding champ! John took the training wheels off and held the bike as she got situated. Then she started pedalling, he let go, and she TOOK OFF!

After a few tries, John didn't even have to hold the bike anymore as she got started. I have never seen a kid take to it so fast! Now she likes to try to keep up with Max and John.
Here is some video I got of her as she was going around the block...the first day she started riding. She didn't have to stop once (except at the Stop signs of course!).